What's new in v0.15?

Auto Chess Legends new version

The previous version has brought to us a huge change in game. We are very happy that users like the new graphic of the game. However, the hacking issue has grown over the past few weeks, this is an urgent problem. So that v0.15 will bring you a "Report" feature so that you can denouce any players that you suspect ther are using the hacking tools.


One of the big features that will appear in this version is the "WIN STREAK" effect. When you win continuously, you will receive this effect which give you more gold per round.

In Summary:


  • Added winstreak effect
  • Improved card-styled UI
  • Added report button when you view other player's boards. Please use this for hack/cheat report

   Hero Changes:

    • Hercules: CHANGED
      • Ability: now he can attack
      • Gold: 1 -> 2 Gold
    • Nitemash: CHANGED
      • Class: Warlock -> Hunter
      • New Ability: Nitemash shoots a powerful arrow forward, the first enemy hit is bound and dealt 250/400/550 magic damage. After 1.5 seconds, enemies within 2 surrounding grid will be tied and dealt 150/ 300/450 magic damage.
    • Swift: CHANGED
      • New Ability: Swift throws an axe forward and through all enemies pieces within 3 grids. Each enemy piece passed by the axe receives 200/400/600 physical damage and Swift gets healed 100/200/300 HP per unit hit by the axe.


  • Ranna: She healed too much mana, now she heal exactly 8/14/20 mana every 2 seconds. 
  • Kha: Fixed bug - he couldn't move when he cast skill.
  • Onyxia: Fixed bug - Slow the enemy too much after casting skill.
  • Finne: Fixed Disarm's time.

We will work hard to bring you more new features, and minimizing the hacking cases. Hope you be patient and support the game. Thank you!

Auto Chess Legends team

Release Notes

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