Auto Chess Legends v0.5.0 is out, check What's New here

Hello Chess Master, here we are again.

Auto Chess Legends v0.5.0 is out with many fascinating features:

• Added new king: Wukong - the War God of the three worlds
• Added King buff system
• Added some new localizations
• Added Auto Combine 
• Added 2 new Arenas: Desert and Ice (will unlock in game later)
• Added visual effect to the heroes when they appear
• Added an indication to the hero who will jump back if there are more heroes in the board than King's level
• Improved Shop
• Improved Chat
• Battle UI improvement
• Improved tutorials
• Improved Music in game
• Improved Leagues system UI
• Improved ability, status effects
• Many other bug fixes

Note: There is a weird animation bug on iOS and we are working on it right now. Please stay tuned

Thank you very much for supporting Auto Chess Legends. Have fun!!!