What would you see in v0.7 Auto Chess Legends?

Here are some information about the upcoming version of Auto Chess Legends.


Add match resume: Now if you are disconnected because of a phone call or a network problem, just re-login and the game will auto reconnect to your unfinished match.

Another feature will be added to v0.7 is the Scout feature. You can now see your opponents's formations and battles. This feature will help you adjust and provide appropriate tactics for your army.

fighting in Auto Chess Legends

Sudden Death will not be so deadly anymore. Now you will have x2 Gold and your heroes will deal x2 damage when entering Sudden Death Phase.

Some visual effect will be added in UI and Action Phase so the battle could be more epic. 

Old Features that will be improved:

  • Improved action phase UI. Some small changes but worth a lot. 
  • Improved appearing effect in recruitment panel. 
  • Improved Emotes equipment UX. 
  • Improved current arenas texture. 
  • Improved mail UI and UX


New Hero: Mad Hawk

Mad Hawk - a Daring Copter will appear in the next version of Auto Chess Legends. He is a Dwarf/Mech hero and his skillset will definitely amaze you.

SSR Hero information will be added. One more SSR Hero will join the battle along side with Akuma SSR, and this hero gonna be a bomb!!!

New avatar of heroes will be added to this version and there will be some new emotion too.

Timble hero will be reworked and maybe changed his name too.


In addition to the above updates, this version also gives players a very special gift - New Chessboard LAVA ARENA with tone of Fire.

New Chessboard: Lava (Demo)
Lava Arena

After putting on the Chessboard skin, in the battle, you will see your half chessboard wearing a skin and the other half will be the opponent's skin.


New Chest models will be added with a lot of fascinating prizes.

This v0.7 will be the Realease Candidate version for our global release, so if you have any ideas , please contact us through the media channels of Auto Chess Legends.

Thank you and have fun!!!!

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