Auto Chess Legends v0.9 is a BOMB, Let see what's hot

The past few days have been difficult, but thanks to your support, we have added and repaired some features to make the game work smoother.

But in this new version of Auto Chess Legends - V0.9, will bring you a lot of new things that you are all waiting for. Let's check it out:

  • The FIRST season of Auto Chess Legends will be started soon. It is an extremely fierce battlefield and you have to fight hard to win high position in the rankings. You will also receive many seasonal rewards, including unique Avatar Frames, at the end of season 
  • Added Trade Offers where so you can trade your Masters for other ones, even the legendary ones 
  • Added push notification so you don't miss the online reward and some special offers 
  • Added loading match screen to prevent disconnected players bugs 
  • Added auto login by Google Play Game Service so you won't worry about losing your account 
  • Added Camera zoom out/in at the beginning of the match


  • Improved matchmaking. Now you will be matched with more similar players. The matching time will be reduced as well. 
  • Adjust the flow of each round. It will be ended right after you finished the battle. So you will be able to receive the gold, move your heroes while waiting for other players 
  • Changed golden chest color so it will be more difeerent with Crystal Chest 
  • Improved auto combination 
  • Allowed you to drag the hero from recruiting shop to your board 
  • Updated UI for each phase 
  • Improved action phase UI 
  • Update heroes info when you click to them 
  • Improved some visual effect in action phase 
  • Changed the master damage mechanic. You will receive the damage after deducting your opponent's remaining heroes 
  • Reworked Wushi hero model and change his name to Kha 
  • Improved class and race icons 
  • Hero stars will be shown in prepare and read phases 
  • And many other bug fixes.

Hope you will enjoy the game. Any questions or bug report please send to our Facebook, Discord or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you so much and have fun!!