Version 0.10 - The Global Revolution

In the past few weeks, Auto Chess Legends has faced many problems like : Hackers, 8/8 connection error, match's time error. But with feedback and support from players, we have solved almost these problems, and that is the most important thing you will see in v0.10.

Together we fight hackers

Beside that, the Global Chat feature is one of the most interesting things you will see in v0.10. This will allow you to share ideas, tactics... to players all around the world. But remember to be polite and friendly or you will be pernamently banned.

Global Chat

Here are the other things you will see in v0.10 Auto Chess Legends:

  •   Added heroes count in top half of the board 
  •  Added support for 64 bit processor 
  •  Added friend list. Playing with friend will be added in next version 
  •  Added synergy activation effect 
  •  Added opponent's info in ready phase 
  •  Added global chat 
  •  Added and Improved some avatars 
  •  Improved auto combination. Now you can combine the heroes at any time 
  •  Reworked 3D model of Dusk 
  •  Many other improvements and bug fixes

Hope you will enjoy the game. Any questions or bug report please send to our FacebookDiscord or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you so much and have fun!!