New Update: v0.12 - The Gods are here !!!

Auto Chess Legends Ver 0.12 is now available 🔥🔥🔥.

In this version, you will be taken to a Greek mythical world with the appearance of two extremely famous god and demigod: Hades and Hercules.

Hades - The Abyss Lord

Hades - The Abyss Lord



With their presence, a completely new Race also appeared: God. These two new heroes are gonna change the whole strategies before, forcing you to come up with new tactics to win the game. 

Let's check out the other features that will also be in ver 0.12:

• You can now create a party and play with your friends
• Improved News section in main menu
• Improved Tutorials
• Optimized performance for scrolling UI
• Optimized memory usage for better performance
• Allowed to drag directly the heroes from the shop to the board
• Added indicators in HP bar
• Improved some ability effects
• Added Statistic in match results

Hero Changes
• Added new hero: Hades - The Abyss Lord. He is a God - Mage hero
• Added new hero: Hercules, a God - Warrior hero
• Reworked Akuma model
• Reworked Licca - The Moon Mistress
• Reworked Gobenix. Now "She" is Pig Rider
• Reworked ability of Clockcrank. Now he can hook towards his farthest enemy, dragging the victim back and dealing damage

And many other improvements and bug fixes.

That's very cool, right? Come and try the new version NOW !!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️