What to expect from the next update in Auto Chess Legends?

In the past few days, there have been many unpleasant incidents happening in Auto Chess Legends that make players feel a bit annoying. So we are working on these features to ensure players having the best experience:

- Add registration & login
- Add tutorials
- Add more sound effects and music to the battles
- Add league system
- Add 1 more map (arena theme)
- Add all remaining heroes' abilities
- Add some visual effects for heroes
- Add new kings/queens
- Add basic game shop where you can purchase Kings/Queens
- Add chat function in action phase
- Add King's reactions (hurt, victory, etc.)
- Add Race and Class buff effect
- Improve match making system
- Improve piece drag and drop experience - Improve piece selling UX

We will try our best to bring all these features in the next update.

Auto Chess Legends is taking great steps to get closer to the users. So we need your feedback to improve this game even more, please be free to talking to us.

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