Auto Chess Legends Beginner Guide

Auto Chess Legends is a very fascinating chess game. And in this article, I will list all the things you need to know before conquering the world of Auto Chess.

Firstly, What is Auto Chess?


Auto Chess is the most popular, addicted DOTA 2 Custom Map at the moment. Just like the name Auto Chess, in this game you just need to put your chess pieces on the table, everything after that is auto. But the best part is to win the game, you need to create the best stategy, that requires a lot of skills and ofcourse, a bit of LUCK. Inspired by such a huge spirit, Auto Chess Legends was born and ready to put your dignity onto a chessboard.


Your ultimate mission is protecting your KING from other players and be the last survivor on the chessboard. There are a total of 8 players and you have to build your own Chess-Army to defend as well as attack other players.

Every Chesspiece (or you can call a hero) has 2 attribute call: Race and Class. For example, Jester's Race is Goblin and his Class is Assassin. Especially, Drake (Human Dragon Knight), Lionidas (Human Beast Warrior) and Faegon (Elf Dragon Mage) have 2 Race and 1 Class. 


For now, there are 14 Races and 10 Classes:

  • Race: Goblin, Babarian, Undead, Elf, Dragon, Beast, Element, Demon, Dwarf, Human, Troll, Naga, Orge, God.
  • Class: Warrior, Assassin, Mech, Mage, Knight, Hunter, Warlock, Druid, Shaman, Demon Hunter.

Every Race, Class has different buff and it only activates when there are enough heroes of that Race, Class on the chessboard. Each hero also has a different skill, and in order to win you need to combine all the elements appropriately. Details of the Races, Classes and Heroes in Auto Chess Legends will appear in the next articles.

What to do in Auto Chess Legends?

In the first round, you will have 6 gold, and the heroes that appear only cost 1-3 gold. If you see 3 indential heroes, you can lock the shop to wait the next round. After buying a hero, you can put it anywhere on your half board. 

Your mission is to fight other players to death. After every round, you will receive experience points and golds. 


In the image above, the bar shows 9/9 chesspieces. That means the player can have up to 9 heroes. The player's gold can be seen on the right. Gold is used to buy heroes or experience points (4 gold for 4 experience points).

3 identical chess pieces (1* or 2*) can be combined to a mightier hero (3 heroes 1* -> hero 2*, 3 heroes 2* -> hero 3*), 3* is maximum. For example: 

  • 3 Daxe 1* will be combined to Daxe 2*
  • 3 Daxe 2* will be combined to Daxe 3*
  • That means if you want a Daxe 3*, you need to have 9 Daxe 1*.

Except for the Druid Class, if you have 2 different heroes of the Druid, and 1 of them has 2 heroes 1*, you can still raise 2*. But if you want to raise 3* you must have all 4 different heroes of the Druid.

"A smart man knows when to take, when to wait."

Don't buy everything you see. Economic management is the most important thing in Auto Chess Legends. Sometimes 1 gold can change the face of the whole match, so use it wisely. 

In case the 5 heroes appear on the table are not the heroes you want, you can spend 2 gold to ‘reroll’ and get 5 new heroes. But remember, if the new set has no good heroes, you've lost 2 of your investment. Hero can be sold at the same price, tap the hero then drag to the basket below the screen to sell it.

**Tips: 2 Jeatah (Druid class) 1* cost 2 gold, but when you combine it to 2* (just need 2 Jeatah 1*), you can sell it back to earn 3 gold. "1 gold can save the world".

Fighting in Auto Chess Legends


Every time you level up, put one more hero on the board. You will be fighting another random player on your board. At the same time, your hero army will move to the other player's board and challenge them. Fighting takes place automatically, you don't need to do anything. Everything on the chessboard happens automatically, that's why we call Auto Chess.

Fighting on home chessboard

If you win on your home field, your King will not lose blood. But if lost, your King will lose blood based on the remaining troops. Total damage calculation is as follows:

Damage = Sum(1 + Round(hero level/2))  + 2 (From Master)

Sum: Summary damage of all enemy's heroes are left on the chessboard.

Hero Level = its selling price which follow this formulation:

  • The hero level of a 1 star unit is their base cost.
  • The hero level of a 2 star unit is their base cost+2.
  • The hero level of a 3 star unit is their base cost+4, except:
    • The unit level of a 3 star Druid is their base cost+3.

For example, Phamacist - 4 gold 1*, Swift - 2 gold 1* and Dusk - 1 gold 2* are left on the table, the total damage your King will lose: 3 + 2 + 2 +2 = 9. When your King receives 100 damage, you lose. Initial damage will be low. But more and more later, when the number of troops increases, the damage will increase.

Fighting on away chessboard

While protecting your chessboard, your hero army also moves to the enemy chess board. If you win, that King will lose blood.

Gold in Auto Chess Legends


Gold can be received in five ways in Auto Chess Legends:

  • Each round, you will get 5 base gold.
  • Defeat an opponent receive 2 gold
  • Continuous win or continuous loss can receive up to 3 gold
  • Gold is obtained from interest, equivalent to 10% of your remaining gold
  • Sudden Death phrase (from round 20) will x2 the win streak and interest gold that you receive each round.

For example, you are on a win streak 5, you are having 50 gold. At round 20+, if you win, you will get 2 + (5+3)x2= 18 gold that round.

Use gold wisely and try to save 50 gold as quickly as possible. Because when you have 50 gold, after each round you will receive an additional 5 gold. That's when you swing money like a rich man, you can buy experience points three times and reroll once. But remember to remain 50 gold otherwise you will easily be bankrupt.

The above are all the experiences that I have obtained and I will update more in the next articles. If you have any ideas that want to share with everyone, please contact me through the media channels of Auto Chess Legends.

Thank you and see you next time.

~ Dachef ~


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