Auto Chess Legends - Gods Guide

Gods Guide

Gods are the newest and most unique synergy in the game. Although they can be very fun to play and extremely overpowered if you make them work. They are actually relatively hard to build and it’s easy to lose games before your lineup “comes online” because of the Race restrictions. Furthermore it requires a specific 5 Gold-unit (Hades) to reach its full potential.


"How Gods work?"

To make it simple for Gods to work, you cannot activate any other Races (Beast, Demon, Dragon, Dwarf, Element, Elf, Goblin, Human, Naga, Orge, Babarian, Troll, Undead). If any of these Races appear on your screen, that means the Gods are inactive. 

The first God Hercules (1 gold) gives all allies 50% cooldown reduction, the second, Hades – 50% more (diminishing returns make it an effective 75% CDR with both Gods). Alongside with the AOE-damage dealers like Rarath, it's definitely an unstoppable line-up.

As mentioned above, the Gods are hard to build because of the Races synergy restriction. There are thus a few specific heroes that can fit with Gods line-up in early-mid game (Rarath, Saroko, Onyxia, Faegon and of course the mana giver - Ranna). If you aren't lucky enough, you will lose before you can see the face of Hades.

So, let's learn more about how to build the Gods line-up.


Synergistic Heroes

Early - Mid Game

               ava_chess_32.pngRarath: 3 Gold, Element, Mage

  Rarath is arguably the best damage-dealer in a Gods lineup. He generates mana fast, which means he can use the lower cooldown very well. Try to upgrade him to three stars. Even if you don’t succeed, you can use 2 two-star Rarath with great effect. Make sure you don’t have another Element because the (2) Elements bonus will disable the Gods bonus.

ava_chess_50.png                Nekrosius: 4 Gold, Undead, Warlock 

  Nekrosius is also amazing in a God’s lineup. He will constantly spam his AoE heal/nuke, which will damage enemies, but more importantly – it will provide a lot of sustain for your lineup. Surround your Nekrosius with tankers and damage-dealers and he can carry you through mid game.


                 Ranna: 2 Gold, Human, Mage

  Ranna: cooldown reduction is great, but you need mana to utilize it. Moreover, with Ranna + Rarath you need just one more mage to unlock the (3) Mages bonus.

ava_chess_27.png                  Lamina3 Gold, Beast, Warlock

  Lamina alongside with Ranna is also great in Gods lineups because she will spam her Wards very fast. This will not only increase her DPS, but it will also let you deal a lot of damage to the players you beat in rounds.

ava_chess_20.png                   Timble: 2 Gold, Goblin, Mech

  Timble is very tanky and his AoE nuke can be used on CD because he gains mana rapidly from taking damage. This makes him not only a tanker but also a damage dealer with Gods. You can use another Mech to give him the (2) Mechs bonus, but make sure you don’t have (3) Goblins.

ava_chess_19.png                    Faegon: 2 Gold, Dragon, Mage

 He is the third mage that you need to complete the Mage class. Why? It's because Ranna is an irreplaceable in Gods line-up, and she is a Human, and in the Mage class (Except Hades and Haze in late late game), there is only Faegon's Race is legal (Jarold, Marisa are Human too, Doublogre is Orge). You need to get 3 mage to use the full damage potential of the Gods.

Late Game

ava_chess_48.png                     Saroko: 4 Gold, Babarian, Shaman

  Saroko is extremely good in the late game – the double CDR from Hercules and Hades means that Twilight Zone has no downtime (if she has enough mana). However, you need to remove any previous Babarians you were using (Daxe, Kha, Swift).

ava_chess_47.png                     Onyxia: 4 Gold, Naga, Hunter

  With the two Gods, Paralysing Gaze has 5-sec CD and 3-sec duration, which needless to say is insane. The downside is that you cannot use both Onyxia + Tidus. She is great with Ranna in the backline or alternatively frontline so she can cast skill faster.

ava_chess_54.png                     Tidus5 Gold, Naga, Hunter

  He has the most powerful Ultimate skill in the game. With the double CDR he can multi-cast Tundra Havoc in a fight, it will be insane! Make sure you don’t have (2) Nagas.

ava_chess_55.png                     Haze: 5 Gold, Undead, Mage

  Imagine 2 Bouncing Frost, that would definitely wipe out the entire enemies. You can use him to replace Faegon, or you can just put him im and play 4 Mage, but remember to take the other Undead out.



The first important part is to make sure you don’t have an active Species bonus. Keep an eye out for:

  • 1 Demon. Two is okay, the Gods's buff will go active again.
  • 1 Ogre or 1 Dwarf
  • 2 HumansUndeadBeasts, BabariansTrollsNagasElementals
  • 3 ElvesGoblinsDragons

On the other hand, building (6) Warriors is possible, but you have to be careful about 2 Babarians (Daxe or Kha or Saroko), Humans (Heliona or Ranna), Elements (Golemus or Rarath or Froza), Beast, and if you’re using Seth you need another Demon (Seksika or Nitemash).

Remember that there are other ways to build Gods. But make sure the God's buff is active. I do suggest to always have 3 Mages in your team.

Here are some example Line-up:

Early-Mid Game




Late Game




Good luck and Have fun !!!

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