Version 0.6.0 is Now Available, What's New?

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Hello Chess Master v0.6.0 is now available, these are what you will see:

• Added Settings in main menu

• Added Profile in main menu 

• Added Emotes to shop and chests 

• Added special packs 

• Added Goblin master 

• Add new avatars 

• Added arenas to shop and Chests 

• Added Boosters in shop 

• Add missing animation to some pieces 

• Add missing visual effect to action phase and UI 

• Improved Tutorials 

• Improved Masters' buff effect 

• Improved auto combination 

• Improved Chest open effect and UI 

• Lot of bug fixes 

• Shop is now available

Please update the game and have fun! One more thing, Auto Chess Legends is now on Open Beta Phase, all user profiles were reset. But there will be no more reset in the future, so, please ENJOY!